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В каком году вышел первый альбом энрике иглесиаса на английском языке? плиииз

В каком году вышел первый альбом Энрике Иглесиаса на английском языке?аа?

English Language Breakthrough:
The bilingual song «Bailamos» was included on the Wild Wild West soundtrack in 1999, and it became a smash #1 pop single in the US. It was followed by the full-length album Enrique later in the year. The album became a platinum seller and included another #1 hit «Be With You.» The follow up, 2001’s Escape, became the biggest selling album of Enrique Iglesias’ career so far. It includes the hit singles «Hero» and «Escape.»

Top Enrique Iglesias English Language Hits:
With US pop chart placings.

•1999 — «Bailamos» #1
•2000 — «Be With You» #1
•2001 — «Hero» #3
•2002 — «Escape» #12
•2007 — «Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)» #21
•2010 — «I Like It» #8