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Учители английского языка, выложите несколько англ. текстов.

Для ребенка, который закончил 4 класс. Заранее спасибо.

The Donkey and The Little Dog
A man had a little dog, and he was very fond of it. He would pat its head, and take it on his knee, and talk to it. Then he would give it little bits of food from his own plate.
A donkey looked in at the window and saw the man and the dog.
«Why does he not make a pet of me?» said the donkey.
«It is not fair. I work hard, and the dog only wags its tail, and barks, and jumps on its master’s knee. It is not fair.»
Then the donkey said to himself, «If I do what the dog does, he may make a pet of me.»
So the donkey ran into the room. It brayed as loudly as it could. It wagged its tail so hard that it knocked over a jar on the table. Then it tried to jump on to its master’s knee.
The master thought the donkey was mad, and he shouted, «Help! Help!» Men came running in with sticks, and they beat the donkey till it ran out of the house, and they drove it back to the field.
«I only did what the dog does,» said the donkey,» and yet they make a pet of the dog, and they beat me with sticks. It is not fair.»

The Two Goats
Over a river there was a very narrow bridge. One day a goat was crossing this bridge. Just at the middle of the bridge he met another goat. There was no room for them to pass. «Go back,» said one goat to the other, «there is no room for both of us».
«Why should I go back?», said the other goat. «Why should not you go back?»
» You must go back», said the first goat, «because I am stronger than you.»
«You are not stronger than I», said the second goat.
«We will see about that», said the first goat, and he put down his horns to fight.
«Stop!», said the second goat. » If we fight, we shall both fall into the river and be drowned. Instead I have a plan- I shall lie down, and you may walk over me.»
Then the wise goat lay down on the bridge, and the other goat walked lightly over him. So they passed each other, and went on their ways.

The Two Frogs
Two frogs had lived in a village all their lives. they thought they would like to go and see the big city that was about ten miles away.
They talked about it for a long time, and at last they set off to see the city.
It was a hot day, and they soon began to feel tired. They had only gone a little way when one said to the other, «We must be nearly there. Can you see the city?»
«No,» said the other frog; «but if I climb on your back I might be able to see it.»
So he climbed up on the back of the other frog to see the city.
Now when the frog put up his head, his eyes could only see what was behind, and not what was in front. So he saw the village they had just left.
«Can you see the city?», asked the frog who was below.
«Yes,» answered the frog who had climbed up. » I can see it. It looks just like our village.»
Then the frogs thought that it was not worthwhile going any farther. They went back and told the frogs round the village that they had seen the city, and it was just like theirs.