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Скажите рецепт оливье на английском языке

It is necessary for preparation of salad of «Olivier»:

1) to Take and weld (in a uniform) a potato (2 pieces); to clean; small to cut; to put in a bowl.

2) to Take a pickle (it is possible also fresh) and small to cut; to put in a bowl with a potato (point 1).

3) Further to take 150 гр. Sausages.

4) Small to cut; to put it in our bowl (point 2).

5) Further to take 30 гр. Green onions.

6) Small it to cut and put in a bowl (point 4).

7) Then to take 2 eggs; to prepare (to cook) them approximately 20 minutes; after cooking to substitute them under cold water; to clean eggs; further to cut them and to put in our bowl (point 6).

8) to Add 100 гр. Green peas.

9) to Add salt (0,5 teaspoons) and mayonnaise (to taste); carefully to mix contents of our bowl; now «Olivier’s» tasty salad can to try be submitted to a table.