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Ребята помогите очень срочно(вопрос касаеться английского языка))….перевод!!)

надо в 5 предложений вставить слова подходящие по смыслу…вот предложения
4. English is used as a _______________ of instruction in more and more countries around the world.
5. Research suggests that a common cold will delay a child’s growth for the _______________ of the illness.
6. During our book club meeting, Joan made a number of _______________ comments that really helped me to understand the novel better.
7. Research has shown that sex, angry outbursts, and strenuous tennis are among the _______________ identified as responsible for 17 percent of all heart attacks.
8. Throughout history, men have increasingly assumed dominance in the public _______________.
9. We often discuss _______________ topics in class because these topics always get people thinking.

а вот слова и ихний перевод которые надо вставить!!!!