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Проверьте текст на наличие ошибок ( английский язык)

Главное найти ошибки.Смысл не столь важен,там просто ограничение на 240 слов.Если есть советы,жду и благодарю =)

it was a sunny day.And Matt was happy that it was his birthday.Now he was 18 and he was aloud to do whatever he was the age when everything is became a man.
He dressed up,took the keys and went outside.The present of his father was a new sport car.Matt was driving his car and thinking about his was already a very famous artist and a good son.Everything seemed to be good.
Suddenly a black van stopped on his way.And two strange man in white ran out from it.They opened the door of Matt’s car and pulled Matt out of it.Matt felt in a swoom.
He woke up in a very strange white room.Suddenly he heard how a big door was opening.When the door was open he saw how bright the sun shines outside.Three men entered the room.Two of them seemed tp be Geminis.Suddenly third one started to talk: » Dear Matt,don’t ask any questions.First of all you must know that we want to help you.You will be her near two weeks.You have an ability to to chose what you want to do during this time».And Matt said:»I want to paint,bring me brushes and paints».Soon they brought them to him.And Matt started to paint.

извини,но по английскому я тупая!!
Да вроде в порядке… вот только слово swoom не нравится чёта…
aloud — allowed. whatever he wanted. was changing. from his father. strange men. door has been opened. the third one. will be here.
>Matt was happy that it was his birthday
лучше Matt was happy BECAUSE it was his birthday

>The present of his father was a new sport car
лучше THE FATHER`S PRESENT was a new sport car

вот как то так. а ошибок вроде нет)

Вместо here, her
he want (первая строчка )- wants
the sun shines outside — shined или was shining