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Прошу помочь с тестом по английскому языку. к сожалению не знаю какую именно фразу нужно подставить в предложения.

К сожалению не знаю какую именно фразу нужно подставаить в предложения.

Auditors ______ more on the comparison of sets of financial information, and financial with non-financial information, to see if the numbers “make sense” if internal controls are strong.
are used to rely
would rely
would be relied
will rely
14. The teacher said that she ______ attention to the boy`s behaviour long before and added that she thought it ______ strange.
had paid; was
paid; had been
paid; was
had paid; had been
15. This bookkeeper has made ______ progress and works better.
a little
16. The company will not release its annual financial statements as long as they ______.
remain not audited
remain audited
will remain audited
will remain not audited
17. The production manager explained that the shipment of goods ______ because of the late delivery of parts
was delayed
will delay
would have to be delayed
will be delayed
18. This text ______ to the control aspect, where actual costs ______ to expected costs and the resultant variances analysed.
is devoted; are compared
devotes; compare
is being devoted; compared
is devoted; compared

Заранее, спасибо.

will rely
had paid; had been
a little
will remain not audited
was delayed
is devoted; are compared