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Помогитесоставить рассказ на английском языке о погоде)

Нужен рассказ на английском языке о погоде в России.Заранее спасибо.

Погода в Великобритании

It is never too hot or too cold m Great Britain. This is because of the sea, which keeps the island warm in winter and makes the air cool in summer. The winds are also very often in Great Britain. They blow from the south-west two days out of every three. But the warm winds from the Atlantic are very wet. They also bring a lot of rain to the island. The east or north-east winds are cold and dry. The weather very often changes in Great Britain. You can never have the same kind of weather for a long time. In spring, for example, sunshine and showers follow each other so often during the day that an umbrella or a rain-coat are really necessary in Great Britain. The weather in spring is generally mild, but sometimes the days are really cold. The summer is not so cold as on the continent, and warm days in autumn are beautiful. In winter they have all sorts of weather. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows. Still, in Great Britain it is never so cold in winter as in our country and they do not get so much snow there as we get here in Russia. The rivers and lakes are seldom covered with ice. As the ice, if there is any, is not thick enough, they seldom go skating on the rivers in Great Britain. But the worst thing about the climate in Great Britain is the thick fog they so often have in autumn and in winter. In London it often mixes with the smoke of plants and factories and they call it the «smog». It is sometimes so thick that cars may run into one another.

Думаю, погода Великобритании не сильно отлична от нашей.

Russia, as you know, is a very cold country with a continental climate, typically characterized by long winter and short summer.
During summer it often gets pretty hot. In Moscow, for example, it is not surprising to have summer temperature above 30C (86F).
Russia is a largest country in the world, with eleven time zones, and it is almost twice as big as USA .
As you understand climate can be different in different areas of the country.
It is softer near the Black Sea, this area has mild winters but it has a lot of rain all the year round.
In the central areas of Russian, the difference of temperature between winter and Summer is huge, 30+ C in summer, and -30 C in the Winter.
So what is the best time to visit Russia ?
Your best choice would be to plan your trip in early Fall.
September is a beautiful month in almost all Russian territory. The temperature is not that hot and not yet cold.
October is a rain season and from November to April Russian weather is very cold.
But if you like snow and not afraid of cold temperature, then you will love Russian winter!
Nature looks as beautiful as in a fairy tale.
Early spring bring a lot of mud and rain, but later spring and early summer are very nice months to visit Russia.