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Помогите!!! задание по английскому языку за 7 класс. (см. внутри)

How many new worlds can you make?
Combine the worlds from the 2 boxes.
1 рамка: post sea high news week bome basket time foot balf
2 рамка: end card light work paper ball table term side


№2. John’s friends asked him about his holidays. There are misrakes in their questions. Correct them.

1) Q.: Where you spent your holidays?
Where did you spend your holidays?
J.: In the Lake District.
2) Q.:When you were there?

J.: In July.
3) Q.: How long stay there?

J.: Fot 2 weeks.
4) Q.: What you like best?

J.: Everything was fine.
5) Q.: Made new friends?

J.: Yes, I did.

Под 1) это образец.

postcard seaside highlight newspaper weekend что за bome? может home тошда homework basketball timetable football balf тоже слова не знаю)