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Помогите составить 10 предложений на английском языке,очень нужно! +)

My nickname is Den Stuppi.
But I’m not stupid, I’m rather smart.
I don’t want to learn English, because I’m lazy.
To play jokes on such sites as this is my favourite hobby.
I don’t like to read either.
I prefer playing computer games.
I don’t go in for sports.
I’m not fond of my school, because it’s too dull for me to study.
I hate helping my Mom about the house.
In conclusion, I would like to say that I’m a great eater, that’s why I’m so fat!

Достаточно, надеюсь;-)

Набери в GOOGLE переводчик онлайн, вставляй руские предложения и получай перевод.

1-perfect weather today.
2-morrow I leave to my mother.
3-soon end the crisis, and all will be happy.
4-I love my country.
5-bought bread, but it yesterday.
6-odd politicians believe the …members, and livestock on the head ..=)
7-May at the holidays, we go on a picnic.
8-I do not like bad weather, it makes sad.
9 about such things …
With a new
10-year-went to the fig! (not my words)
я Вам могу написать 10 хороших,продуманных,сложных предложений!только скаижте тему…а всяким переводвикам я не довераю…и девушка по имени Нина…написала полную чушь….Нина…извините,но это так!