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Помогите сделать задание по английскому языку…заранее огромное спасибо…

write the headlines in full sentences. Use the passive
1) Prime Ministers to open new museum next Friday
2)Famous actress taken to hospital
3)19 Bald eagless die after being trapped in fish nets
4)Tsunami hit Banglades yesterday noon
5)Large quake detected off Oregon Coast
6)School official suspended from duties
7)M Jones sentenced to six months
8)us volleyball team beats Puerto Rico

Hi, Юлька! Here get the stuff and enjoy your life full blast.

1) The Prime Ministers is to open a new museum next Friday.
2) A famous actress was taken to hospital.
3) Nineteen bald eagless died after they had been trapped in fishnets.
4) A Tsunami hit Banglades yesterday (at) noon.
5) A large quake was detected off the Oregon Coast.
6) A school official was suspended from his duties.
7) Mr. Jones was sentenced to six months (in prison).
8) Our volleyball team beat the Puerto Rico (team).