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Помогите сделать задание по английскому языку.

Make these sentences plural paying attention to the changes of demonstrative pronouns & forms of the verb to be.

1. I’ll give you my book. This story is very interesting. 3. A woman, a man, a boy and a girl are in the room. 4. Put this knife on that table. 5. What is your name 6. He keeps his toy in a box. 7. A new house is in our street. 8. He has a new suit. 9. The plate was on the table. 10. This town is very large. 11. Is that girl your sister 12. Is this a good student 13. Is this a good match 14. The student put his book on the desk. 15. That house is new.

сайт с гдз в помощь
Учебник Рубцовой в помощь
This story is very interesting
Эта история очень интересна.

тебе надо:
Эти истории очень интересны Изменятся:
Th.. stor. —-very interesting
There stories are

He has a new suit.
У него…будут у них
костюмы во мн числе

I ‘ ll give you my books. These stories are very interesting. Women, men, boys and girls are in the room. Put these knives on those tables. What are your names? He keeps his toys in the boxes. New houses are in our street. He has new suits. The plates were on the tables. These towns are very large . Are those girls your sisters? Are these good students? Are tthese good matches? The students put their books on the desk/ desks. Those hoses are new.