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Помогите с сочинением по английскому языку!срочно!

Проверьте пож-та ошибки.Заранее всем спасибо!
Thank you for letters. Each letter pleases me.
I’m fine. I with pleasure study in college. To dance to me very much it is pleasant. I wish to become the professional in the business. But me it is sometimes heavy because I get tired physically. I try I studies and hope that at me all will turn out. My parents help me and support me. My brother Petja has entered lycée and now studies in the tenth grade. It very much likes its school. And my younger sister Tanja already has grown. She studies in grammar school in 4 class. Prepares for examinations which will be in the end of academic year. She too loves very much to dance. My grandmother feels well. It helps us on the house. My family sends you regards!
Tell to me, please, about the school. It is pleasant to you? When at you academic year comes to an end? When at you vacation?
I wait winter vacation. I wish to go with the liked person to mounting skiing resort.Я I dream to finish well college and to study as the lawyer. But I don’t know in what country to me to study. I choose between Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia. I while reflect over it.
At parting I wish to wish your of good luck. All the best to you! I wait for your letter. Kiss you! Bye!

туту всё с ошибками. электронным переводчиком чтоли переводила? Можешь мне на ящик кинуть русский текст. Я тебе переведу. Тебе срочно надо?

Машинный переводчик сочинял?
Видно невооруженным взглядом.
Я б на месте препода сразу 2 балла бы поставил…
аффтар даун