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Помогите решить задание по английскому языку.

Write two sentences that show different meanings. Use a dictionary.
book | I’m reading a good book. | I booked a room at a hotel.
kind | |?
can | |?
mean | |?
flat | |?
play | |?
train | |?
ring | |?
Читать словарь не посылать, просто дайте ответы.

1.These kind of cars more popular. The shop assistant was very warm and kind. 2. This book can answer to your questions. I always use the electric can opener. 3. People nod their head to mean «yes». He never been in a restraunts, because he is mean. 4. His jokes are flat. My flat is on the third floor. 5. He plays guitar in a band. My favourite actress participates in this play. 6. Her train is leaving today. They train in a gymnastic club every day. 7. I’ll give you a ring in the evening. My mother lost her golden ring.

1.there are different kinds of books in our library
That boy was very kind to me.
2.can you swim?
there is a can near the flower-bed.
3.What do you mean?
he is a mean person.
4 I have got a new flat.
the flat plain looked picturesque
has got a golden ring.
the bell has rung/
kind | |? she is a kind girl
what kind of book do you like?
can | |? I can swim
I need this can
mean | |? do you get what I mean?
he is mean over money matters
flat | |? I live in a flat
we all feel very flat now that he has gone
play | |? I am playing football
we came to see the play
train | |? an express train runs between these cities
the teacher trained a pupil to read music at sight
ring | |? I wear a ring
I seem to hear a ring
he rang me up yesterday