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Помогите, пожалуйста, с писмом на английском языке! хотя бы составить первые три предложения (ответы на вопросы)

«… Have you ever thought what you are going to do in the future?
As for me, i really don’t know what career to choose although my parents say it;s time to make a choise.
What kind of job would you prefer? Have you asked your parents for advice? Would you like follow in their footsteps?»

Помогите составить хотя бы 3 предложения, которые отвечали бы на вопросы Джека.

1) Yes, I have (That’s a bit difficult…). 2) I’d prefer the (businessman, singer, seller, writer и т.д.). 2) Yes, I have или No, I haven’t. 3) Yes, I would. I think their job(s) is(are) good( interesting, exciting и т.д.) или No, won’t. I think their job(s) isn’t(aren’t) good( interesting, exciting и т.д.).
В письменной речи должны быть полные ответы
I agree that itis time to make a choice of future profession, but it is very difficult. I thought that the profession of a doctor is very important, but it is difficult to enter the Medical Academy, and besides it is a very responsible profession, though my parents are for it.