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Помогите пожалуйста с домашним заданием по английскому языку! за помощь огромное спасибо!

Complete the sentences, be sure that they make sense.

1)Give him his letter if he turns …2)I turned …and saw Mary’s face in a window. 3)»I’ll turn you …a frog!» said the Witch to the Prince. 4)He turned the whole house …trying to find some up-to-date information on computers. 5)He couldn’t sleep but just turned …in his bed till 6 o’clock in the morning. 6)Charles turned …to be a very good friend; he was really very helpful when I was in trouble. 7)The wind was so strong that it turned our umbrellas …8)Will you turn the television …: I have a problem hear-ing what mother is saying. 9)In a few seconds six white mice turned …six beautiful horses. 10)Elizabeth was turning …the pages of her book without reading.

1) back, 2) up, 3) kiss, 4) to, 5) up, 6) up, 7) away, 8) now, 9) seen, 10) back.