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Помогите пожалуйста решить задание с методического пособия по английскому языку : тё и.в. редактор: александров

вот задание:

1. Say what we call the place:
— Where we buy tickets for a train;
— Where passengers wait for their trains/ planes;
— Where we get all the necessary information at the railway station;
— Where we leave our luggage;
— Where we life when traveling by ship;
— Where passengers stay at in a strange place.

2. Explain the meaning of the words:
A left-luggage office; a booking office; a waiting room; an airport; a hotel; hiking; a seat-belt.

3. Use the right tense from:
David: you (travel) a lot, Nora?
Nora: Yes, I (be) to 47 different countries.
D: really?! You ever (be) to China?
N: Yes, I (be) to China twice.
D: What about India?
N: I never (be) there.
D: India (be) a wonderful country! I (go) there last year and (enjoy) myself very much.
N: Where you (be going) to spend your holiday this year?
D: I already (have) my holiday this year.
N: Where you (go)?
D: I (stay) at home!

3 Do you travel a lot,Nora?
Yes, I have been to 47 countries.
Really? Have you ever been to China?
Yes, i have been to China twice.
What about India?
I have never been there.
India is a wonderful country! I went there last year and enjoyed myself very much.
Where are you going to spend your holiday this year?
I have already had my my holiday this year.
Where did you go?
I stayed at home.!

1 ticket booth (cashbox, ticket office…) скорей всего это booking office
если это зал ожидания — waiting rooms, если перрон — platform
departures and arrivals boards
left-luggage office (камера хранения)
каюта — cabin (stateroom)

2/ все объяснения даны в задании 1 кроме автостопа hiking и ремня безопасности seat-belt, думаю вы справитесь