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One day neighbours asked Hodzha:»We heard some noisec in yur house last nights.What was happing?.Hodzja told them:»My cloak fell down the stairs»They replied:»But Hodzja,isn’t a cloak made out of cloth?It couldn’t have made that much noise!»Hodzja answered impatiently :»Well,I was in it»

One day Hodzha’s neighbours told him that they had heard some noise in his house the previous night. They asked what was happening. Hodzha told them that his cloak had fallen down the stairs. They asked Hodzha if the cloak was made out of cloth. Then they added that it couldn’t have made that much noise. Hodzha answered impatiently that he had been in the cloak.

One day neighbours of Hodzha told him that they heard some noises in his house last night and what was happenning. Hodzja answered them that his clock fell down the stairs. They replied him that if the clock were made out of cloth, and that It couldn’t have made that much noise. Hodzja answered them impatiently that he was in it.