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Помогите плиз составить пересказ к тексту по английскому языку из 10 предложений, очень прошу…

а вот, собственно, и текст

Это мы легко!!

1.All types of plastic cards which are used in place of cash are called plastic money.2. The main purposes of these cards are to enable people to obtain cash and to make payments without using cash or cheque. 3. There are such plastic cards as credit cards, charge cards, debit cards, cash cards, cheque guarantee cards, telephone cards. 4. Credit cards are issued by credit cards companies such as Access, Visa and the idea behind credit cards is simple. 5. When you buy something you just give your credit card to the shop assistent who fills in a form which you sign.6. At the end of the mooth you get a bill from the credit company which you can pay in two different ways.7.Charge cards and debit cards are very similar to credit cards.8. As for cash cards you can withdraw cash, check the balance of your account or deposit money just followng a set of instructions on the video screen.9.When you use cash card you should remember your PIN. 10. The advantage of phone cards is that you can make a call without cash.

А почему бы не выучить этот текст наизусть? Он такой маленький и очень простой. Ну выбросьте, в конце концов, пару предложений. (Я бы выбросили предпоследнее предложение — оно длинное).
хреновое заданьице тебе дали…мне лень думать….в смысле текст скучный
Плохо виден текст.