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Помогите ответить (совсем просто) на английском языке!!(это вопрос в билете 9 класс экзамен)

Situation for discussion ***Every country is special. What comes to your mind, when you think of the UK/ the USA and its people?***

Положение для обсуждения *** Каждая страна особенная. Что приходит на ум, когда вы думаете о UK / США и ее народа? ***
The Englishmen
The basic population of England is about 45 millions people. Live also in Ireland and outside British islands in English dominions and settlements and other countries. The English language concerns to West-German group Indo-European languages. The majority of believers of England belongs to English church, 3-4 million — to Catholic; it is a lot of the members various Protestants sects incorporated under the general name «Free churches «.
The English people has developed as a result of mixture and long assimilation diverse ethnic of elements. One of most ancient inhabitants of British islands were celts tribes, put up here about middle 1-st millennium B.C. In V-VI centuries of our era on islands have moved from continent german tribes — Saxon, Jute. They by a part assimilated celts, by a part have pushed aside them in mountains of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. Usual in VII-X centuries on the basis of german and celts tribes nationality Anglosaxon has undergone to significant influence Scandinavian, won in VIII-IX centuries some areas of England. The most important event in ethnic of a history of England — Normann a gain of England 1066. Prevailing a situation in the country have occupied Franconormann barons; the French language has become official language, though the people continued to speak on Anglosaxon language. Gradually (to XIII-XIV to centuries) Anglosaxon and Normanns have merged in a uniform English nationality a generality. In XVI century develops colloquial and lithuanian language. English bourgeois revolution has finished XVII centuries in the basic process formation of a English nation. In XVII-XIX centuries many Englishmen have moved in seized by England colonies and become one of main components in formation of a line of a nation of the Americans of USA, anglo-Canadian, Australian.
The originality of a history of development of England has put a print on many parties of life of England — promoted preservation of a line of traditional features in a life and public life. A vertical arrangement of apartments in dwelling, chimney heating in ancient houses, in food — traditional national dishes till now is kept. The adherence to the old forms both traditions in public and private life is characteristic also to images for bourgeois and finely bourgeois of circles. In life of England large importance have the various societies and clubs. England — native land of millions sports games; the English sports terms and expressions have come in use of almost all European peoples. The oral national creativity of England is rich, the English ballads executing under accompanement of a violin and harp are most known.
When I think about USA, I imagine clean streets, skyscrapers, beaches, McDonalds, fat and dirty americans, Barak Obama, etc.
When I think about Uk, many things come to my mind, for example the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, Big Ben, nice people.