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Помогите написать текст по английскому языку на тему «мои любимые покупки» !(сладкое)

My favourite purchase ever? My Brown chelsea boots.

So I often talk about my boots. Particularly these boots. I love them mainly for their versatility which is what I want to demonstrate with this post. First some apologies : I wanted to churn this out before I go on holidays so I had to do it with no natural light. Also this was my first time playing with the timer and I clearly got the angle wrong. the lowness of the angle makes me look much more awkward than normal. Firstly, A casual outfit. I wear an outfit like this when going out to casual dinners and bars/pubs. Also great for weekend breakfasts and just general weekend stuff. Next, going out/smart casual. This what I wear on casual fridays at work and out to nicer bars and restaurants. You can dress it up further with a non-oxford shirt and a spread collar. Business casual is my third outfit using them. Note that this is towards the more casual end of business casual due to the pants being jeans rather than chinos or slacks. Sorry about the moose knuckle. The last 2 are suit based outfits, the first of which I’ll call suit casual. Great for classier nights out or post work drinks. Sorry about the lighting on this one I was getting sick of running in front of a camera. Finally a normal business outfit. I was still in the middle buttoning my jacket here so it looks a little off but the outfit is still visible. Excepting the flaws of my photography I think this shows the versatility of these boots. Thoughts?