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Помогите написать сочинение по английскому языку тема: описание любой профессии

посмотри там в разделе «топики» . Может подберешь по-немногу из разных тем. Удачи.
Или сразу- написать на английском, что ты хочешь стать программистом:
I shall in the future be a programmer. I this exactly knows. Shall participate in what nor be the enormous network. Create the frobs, edit them. Shall create much plays, interesting plays. Shall sell its creation on good of the people gratis. Shall know the english as american. You already, as I think, had the honour be certified in that that I denote their own material to development all-embracing on its purpose of the subject: «Remote education programmer». So me to want in the first lines of this project vapour(pair) words to spare his(its) importance and urgency for the further development russian «RU — a branch» Internonbut and for use the new possibilities of the formation in Russia, coming up for relationship with this, in particular. Either as many programmers I shall long sit for computer. The Programmer this well got to know in its deal. The Programmer this I. I either as many programmers shall support the license disk. But pirate to throw on scramble.

Воспользуйся Google переводчиком, наберёшь русский текст, нажимаешь превести, и вуаля, текста готов.
Да, это долго. Если бы ты написала по-русски, я бы перевела.
напр. A teacher is a person who teaches pupils at school. He has to know his subject well. и т.ди т.п