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тема: young children often watch programmes that teach them wrong things (маленькие дети часто смотрят программы, которые учат их плохим вещам)

TV is the main source of entertainment for children in the absence of the parents’ home.
Quite often, television shows children that rude, irresponsible behavior — not only the norm, but it is also very «cool». Children learn about sex and violence, not adhering to any of these effects or consequences of liability. They are impulsive, stop listening to their parents. What children watch? First place is, of course, cartoons. Typically, this western cartoons broadcast by the most popular channels. Often, this animated series, usually the same brutal and provocative as the full-length action films. What your children watch high school age, it is absolutely unacceptable for the children of elementary grades. Even seemingly innocuous cartoons, filled with scenes of violence, and vague multpersonazh unable to create a child concept of beauty and goodness. Sure, parents should monitor what children watch. And it is not a special puritanism or false modesty, but in the fact that the mind of the child of a certain age can not deal adequately with the other sludge other information adequately.
And finally, if the parents will pay enough attention to communication with children, not shifting the functions to television and educational channels, the more benefits they will bring their children.

И что мне за это будет ?