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Помогите написать рассказ о сказочном герое на английском языке???

This is my friend Santa Claus. He is very drunk. Ooops…
Ivan Tsarevich — one of the main characters of Russian folklore. As a fairy tale character, he appeared in the late XVIII-early XIX century.
Ivan Tsarevich appears in fairy tales in two different guises:
positive character, struggling with evil, which helps an injured or weak. Very often in the early tales Ivan Tsarevich poor, lost parents, pursued by enemies, is not aware of his royal ancestry. In such tales as a reward for heroic behavior and good works, Prince Ivan gets back his kingdom, the throne, or finds his royal parents. But even if it was originally the prince, in the end of the story, he usually gets kind of prize in the form of another half a kingdom, the royal or king’s daughter, magic or an expensive horse, precious or magical objects, or even further mind or magical abilities.