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Помогите найти сочинение по английскому языку, задание из егэ

Вот задание:
C1 You have 20 minutes to do this task. You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Steve who writes
.. At school we are doing projects on reading habits of people in different countries. Could you tell me what kind of books you and the members of your family like reading?
As for the family news my sister got married last week…
Write a letter to Steve.
In your letter
– tell him about the kind of books you and your relatives like to read
– ask 3 questions about his sister’s husband

Write 100 – 140 words.
Remember the rules of letter writing.

Может кто знает где есть готовое? Помогите сочинить!!

Dear Denis, why don’t you do your home assingment yourself?
In the future you will need to know English, try to learn english…just use your brain..do not rely on someone…

Hi Steve,nice to hear from you again. That was great to hear that your sister got married last week. What your sister’s husband does for a living? Where does he work? Where does her husband born? How old is he? How does he look like? Could you send me photos of them?
I do not spend much time reading because have no enough time for that.I spend too much time studying As to my relatives my father spend a lot of time working.Sometimes he reads newspapers. My mother is always busy with housework and cooking but on Sundays she reads magazines.
Take care my dear friend. All the best,