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Помогите мне,пожалуйста с тестом по английскому языку!!

1. Scott’s expedition was not successful, because Scott had made a lot of mistakes.

2. Scott had come to the South Pole, before Amundsen came to the South Pole.

3. Bill Gates couldn’t go to the University, because He hadn’t finished school.

4. Mother Teresa had become a nun before she got the Nobel Peace Prize.

Complete the sentences with people’s qualities (качества).

1. Kate Brown always wants to be the best.— She is pride and self -lover.

2. My friend spends his time in front of the TV. He doesn’t want to do anything.— He is idler.

3. My mother loves buying presents.— She is a fashionable woman.

4. Michael likes to help people.— He is volunteer.

5. Mark does windsurfing and snowboarding.— He is a sportsman.

What qualities do you respect in people? —