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Помогите!!! мне очень нужен текст о шотландии на английском языке! помогите! (только чур не из википедии)

Scotland are mountains and lake, mysterious Nessi is found in one of which, delays whisky and checkered skirts from under which are oddly visible for some reason man’s feet. During excursion on a route of textile area of Scotland, you will see, how make a tweed and a wool. The route of traditional scotch whisky passes on Grampiansky high mountains.

The most curious sight known for the whole world — the mysterious Nessi ostensibly living in lake Loh-Ness. The length of lake — 39 km, the maximum depth — to 230 m, a water temperature on depth all year long makes nearby 5,5С. The first mention of a monster meets a long neck and a tiny head in XVII century, and under the statement of local authorities, since 1933 people saw
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