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Hudson came into the room
carrying a tray with a cup of black tea for each of them
and a bowl of sugar.
As Mrs. Hudson was about to leave, Watson let out
a cry. «Great Scot There’s a spider in my cup!»
Mrs. Hudson picked up the cup. «I’ll bring you a
fresh one,» she said and left the room.
Mrs. Hudson returned less than a minute later with a
fresh cup of tea.
«Good God, Mrs. Hudson — this is the same cup of
tea!» shouted Watson.
How did Watson know this?

Watson looked into the cup and saw the same spider in it

Let’s recollect (вспомним) that Ms Hudson was an old woman and she can’t run. It takes her much more than a minute to go down to the kitchen, to prepare a new cup of tea and bring it upstairs back to the study.
So she only left the study, picked the spider out of the cup and came back.
Aren’t I right?