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Подскажите по грамматике английского языка

Преподаватель который выполнял для меня задание, утверждает что нет в тексте таких слов к этим вопросам, прав он?
К тексту задание:1.выпишите из текста Participle II в функции определения, дайте их
русский перевод.
2. Переведите из текста сказуемые в Simple Passive, дайте их русский
3.7. Выберите из текста существительные в функции определения, запишите
их перевод.
Преподаватель который выполнял для меня задание, утверждает что нет в тексте таких слов к этим вопросам, прав он?

In one important respect England differs conspicuously from most other coun¬tries. Her constitution is to a large extent unwritten, using the word in much the same sense as when we speak of unwritten law. lts rules can be found in no written docu¬ment, but depend, as so much of English law docs, on precedent modified by a con¬stant process of interpretation.*
A Constitution is the basic law of a state. The main elements of the constitution arc the definitions of the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary.
In theory, the constitution has three branches: Parliament, which makes laws, the government, which «executes» law, i.e. puts them into effect, and the law courts, which interpret laws. Although the Queen is officially head of all three branches, she has little direct power. Thе Queen is a symbol of the unity of the nation. The hereditary principle still operates and the Crown is passed on to the sovereign’s eldest son (or daughter if there are no sons).,The Queen takes part in ceremonial functions of opening Parliament, she meets the Prime Minister every week and receives copies of all Cabinet papers.
The Parliament of Great Britain consists of two parts: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Members of the House of Commons are elected by the voters of 650 constituencies. They are known as MPs, or Members of Parliament. The Prime Minister, or leader of the Government, is also an MP, usually the leader of the political party with a majority in the House of Commons.
The former colonies, now «the United States of America», first operated under an agreement called the Articles of Confederation (1781). It was soon clear that this loose agreement among the states was not working well. Delegates from the states met in Phila¬delphia. They wanted to revise the Articles, but they did much more than that. They wrote a completely new document, the Constitution. The US Constitution was adopted by the thirteen states by 1790. The US Constitution defines a federal system of govern¬ment. It gives certain powers to the national government. All others powers belong to the states. The US Constitution has 26 amendments. The first 10, called the «Bill of Rights», established certain individual liberties. The White House, the President’s residence is lo¬cated in Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

В приведенном Вами тексте есть ответы на все задания.