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Перевод юридического текста на английский язык

перевод машинный но всё же
In the USA the uniform federal system of courts and independent judicial systems of each of 50 states and DC function

Federal courts will be organised by the government of the United States for the permission
The disputes, concerning the federal Constitution and the laws accepted
The congress. Courts of states will be organised by staff or a county or
The city, a part of staff. Though courts of states are obliged to apply
The federal Constitution and laws, the majority of affairs, which they
Consider, are connected with application of the Constitution and laws
Concrete staff.
District courts of the USA are courts of the first instance
Federal judicial system. The congress has divided the country on 94
Federal judicial districts, in each of which are district court. In
Each staff, in district of Columbia and Puerto Rico is at least
One district court.
There is an appeal court. The appeal court considers complaints
On decisions of district courts,
The federal system of courts includes the Supreme court of the USA
The Supreme court — the higher judicial instance of the USA. Has been based in 1789, it has taken out the first decision in 1792.