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Нужны идеи для диалога по английскому, ну или сам диалог, то только с

использованием модальных глаголов:
will be able to
was/were able to
managed to

Vanessa, Mike and Gavin are students. Tthey often have argumens.
1.V Someone forgot to lock the front door last night
M Well,it can’t have been me.I definitely remember locking it, so it must have been someone who came home after me.
2V You slept in the garden all night? Why didn’t you wake us up?
G Well,I rang the bell for ages,but no one answered.You must have gone to bed.
V Oh, you idiot.You could have thrown a stone at the window.
3 V : What»s this? M:-It’s just my friend,Bill
V Well,you might have told us that you were bringing someone at home.
4 V Oh no! Where have my chocolates gone?
M Well,I think the cat might (could)have eaten them,or it might have been Gavin.You know what he is like when he is hungry!
5 M^Look at this.Vanessa still hasn’t done the washing up!
G Well, she can’t have read//could’t have read (seen)/might not have read(seen)// the note.
,6 M You look terrible.
G Yes, I feel really seek
M Well, you shouldn;t have eaten Vanessa’s ‘s your own fault