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Нужно написать письмо по английскому языку (это домашнее задание, поэтому очень важно)

When you were on your summer holiday in Spain you made friends with a girl from the Australia. Write a latter (150 words) to your pen friend in Great Britain describing the personality and the appearence of your new friend as well as how you spent time together.
рыскал по гуглю просил в иночатах всё бесполезно
помогите прошу

Dear N,
Thank you very mutch for your letter. How are you?i’m fine.
I spent my summer holidays very well. i made friends.i want to tell uoy about one girl.She is from Australia.Her name is Alice.She is very beautiful. she is a tall.alice has a long hair and blue eyes.She likes to wear dresses and shorts.
Alice likes to read books and she sings very well.she has a good voice.I gave her my e-mail and so we wiil communicate with each other.
and how did you spent your summer holidays
say hello to your parents
with best wishes,