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Нужно любое письмо из англии на английском языке..

A letter to an English friend about summer holidays

Ms. J. Simpson
Chapman&Hall Ltd.
12 Chapel Hill

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your kind letter. I was so glad to receive it.

You ask me to tell you a few things about my summer holidays.Well. In June I was in Moscow with my mum. My aunt lives there. I would like to write that Moscow is a very beautiful and big city. I went for a walk with my friends, went on weekends with my family. We enjoyed Gorki Park, went on a picnic, and took a lot of photos. We also went to the cinema and watched a fantastic film. I had a good time! As for July I spent it in a summer camp. Those were the best weeks of the summer. I met new friends. We went to the forest, sang songs, and went in for sports, swam. During my summer holidays I made many new friends, read a lot of interesting books, knew a lot of useful things. Now I feel ready to get back to school. I am happy to meet my friends and teachers. Please, write me would you like to spend you holidays in Moscow?

This is the end of my letter.

Write back soon.

Best wishes,

Ms. J. Simpson .
Купи мне билет в Лондон и я тебе от туда вышлю письмо на английском.
Мазафака скачай решебник по енглишу и не парься!