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Нужна помощь в английском! фразовые глаголы.

His mother died when he was young, and his grandmother (raised) him
What course do you plan to (undertake) in college?
(wait a moment)! I am on the phone
John is (very much interested in) sculpture as a hobby
Did you (discuss) your plan with your friends?

Нужно заменить слова в скобках фразовыми глаголами
Мож кто знает помогите пжлста!

Be careful with the answers above!

1) brought him up (а не grow up!!!!)
2) take up
3) hold on
4) is really into
5) talk over

1)grow up (добавлено: brought up)
3) hold on
4) fond of
brought up
take on
hold on
talk over
brought up
take on / enroll in
hold on
is into / fond of
talk over
1. brought him up
2. take up
3. hold on
4. fond of
5. talk over
На какое время то?