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Нужна помощь — поставить артикли (английский язык)!!!!

Поставьте артикли в пропуски :

1. This captain made marine history by passing through …Bosphorus and …Dardanelles.
2. Mr. Roberts sipped …cup of …coffee and looked out over …Lake of Geneva.
3. His ship nearly sank in …Pacific.
4. They stood for some time, talking in quiet tones, comparing… Thames with …Seine.
5. Where is he?» asked Ann. «He’s in …Buenos Aires.»
6. There aren’t many sharks in …Mediterranean. It is down … Red Sea that you get them in numbers.
7. Asia Minor is …part of …Asia between …Black Sea and …Mediterranean Sea.

1.the the, если это мысы, я правильно понимаю?
2.a cup of coffee , the Lake
4.the , the
6.пропуск, the Red Sea
7.a part of Asia, the Black Sea the

1. the/the
2. a/-/-
3. the
4. -/-
5. —
6. the/the
7. a/-/the/the
3 the (название океана)
4 the the

6 the the
все остальное правильно