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Напишите, пожалуйста, на английском языке небольшой текст о франции.

Но, чтобы в тексте не употреблялось название страны.. На занятии просто будут угадывать)

As far as I know,this country is one of the most romantic and wonderful places in the whole world.There are a lot of interesting and attractive sights:Louvre,Notre-Damm de Paris,Eiffel,Luxemburg Garden and so on.Everybody will be able to find here something special for him.Moreover,this country is known for beautiful people,especially women and unic you visit this country,won’t forget to go shopping or just drink a cup of coffee in native caffeterias.

in this shitty country live people who eat frogs and in its capital there is huge dick that attracts some women and sometimes men from foreign countries.