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Напишите пожалуйста короткий диалог на английском языке про рабочий день студента.

участники: Student (S) and Farmer (F)

F: How are you, Stunent.
S: Hi, Farmer
F: Nice weather today, good day for field works, right?
S: No bother. Any weather is nice for sleeping.
F: Fucking fuel company again increased price
S: Fuel? Oh, yes, beer is getting more expensive, however I will always get it. But girls are becoming an issue. They don’t want sex with me any more.
F: Sex? It’s not an issue. I can borrow you a funny sheep, you will enjoy it.

ну, типа, и так далее. Сама сочиняй, не будь лентяйкой.

Today morning I got up and take a whiz. Then I went to colledge. While I’m driving, I’m watching a new film about terminator. Then I decide, that will be better,if i find a beautyfull girl and we will go to McDonald’s.