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Напишите где найти текст про какой-нибудь из видов спорта на английском языке? уровень 7 класса.

Rules football
Separate football game called the match, which in turn consists of two halves of 45 minutes. A pause between the first and second halves of 15 minutes, during which the team a rest, and upon closing Boots.
Soccer is played on a field with grass or synthetic grass. The game involves two teams: in each of 7 to 11 people. One person in the team (goalkeeper) may play a hand in the penalty area from its gate, its main task is to protect the gate. Other players also have their tasks and positions on the field. Advocates are located mainly in their half of the field, their task — to counter offensive player of the opposing team. Midfielders are in the middle of the field, their role — to help the defenders or attackers, depending on the game situation. Forwards are mostly on the opponent’s half of the field, the main task — to score goals.
Purpose of the game — getting the ball into the gates of the enemy, do so more times and try not to let goals in their gates. Match winning team zabivshaya greater number of goals.
In the event that within two time team scored the same number of goals, it is fixed or draw, or the winner is revealed according to established rules match. In this case, may be assigned extra time — two halves of 15 minutes each. As a rule, between the main and the extra time match, the teams provided a break. Between halves additional teams will have only time to change sides. At one time in football there was a rule that was declared the winner of the team, the first zabivshaya goal (usually «golden goal») or wins at the end of any of the extra time (usually the «silver goal»). Currently additional time or not played at all, or played in full (2 halves of 15 minutes). If during extra time the winner can not be identified, a series of penalty shoot-outs that are not part of the match: The gate of the enemy from a distance of 11 meters making its way to five strokes by different players. If the number of killed penalties for both teams will be equal, then punched one pair of penalties, will not be revealed until the winner.