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Кто нибуть делал по английскому языку проект,или писал сочинения на темы : театр,балет,кино…

если писали ,помогите…плиииииз=)))?

в википедии всё есть

The United Kingdom has had a large impact on modern cinema and has one the most respected film industries in the world. Despite a history of successful productions, the industry is characterised by an ongoing debate about its identity (including economic and cultural issues) and the influences of American and European cinema, although it is fair to say a brief ‘golden age’ was enjoyed in the 1940s from the studios of J. Arthur Rank and Alexander Korda. The British film industry has produced some of the greatest actors, directors and motion pictures of all time including Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Powell and Pressburger, David Lean, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Michael Caine and Anthony Hopkins.

и по разделам

там же набери балет

Я не писал