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Друзья! помогите с тестом по английскому пожалуйста( нужно выберать форму глагола соответствующую предложению

Английский язык: Выберите форму глагола соответствующую предложению…

1) No news … good news.

a) is
b) were
c) are
d) have been

2) When I entered the conference room she … a report.

a) made
b) was making
c) has made
d) makes

3) … you invited to the birthday party yesterday?

a) will
b) has
c) was
d) were

4) If I get the tickets, we … this performance.

a) saw
b) see
c) shall see
d) have seen

5) He was sure they … on the 1st of May

a) will return
b) returned
c) have returned
d) would return

6) all the students from your group invited to the conference last month.

a) have
b) was
c) were
d) did

7) She … no letters from him lately.

a) has received
b) receives shall receive
c) received

8) By the time she returns from her business trip the experiment …

a) will be finished
b) finishes
c) will have been finished
d) is finished

9) She … when her parents returned from the theatre.

a) will sleep
b) slept
c) has been sleeping
d) was sleeping

10) The new price lists … tomorrow and will be available in a few days.

1) are being printed
2) were printed
3) will print
4) are printed

11) Don’t call on my brother tomorrow, he … for his exams.

a) will read
b) are reading
c) reads
d) will be reading

12) The operator assured us that a new program … the following week.

1) installed
2) would be installed
3) will be installed
4) installs

13) When we came home our son … on the computer.

a) played
b) has played
c) is playing
d) was playing

14) If it … raining we will go for a walk.

a) stopped
b) stops
c) will have stopped
d) will stop

15) He … learning foreign languages all his life.

a) are
b) has been
c) has
d) is

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