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Детские стихи на английском языке к 8 марта

My mother’s face.

I know a face, a lovely face,
As full of beauty as of grace,
A face of pleasure and of smile,
In darkness it gives light.

A face that itself is like joy;
To see it I am a happy boy;
And I’ve a joy that have no others
This lovely woman is my mother.

I love my mother.

Who loves Mummy best?
“I,” says Fred,
“I give her flowers,
White, yellow and red.”

Who loves Mummy best?
“I,” says May,
“With my dear Mummy
I always play”.

Who loves Mummy best?
“I,” says Joe,
“She asks to help her,
And I always do so.”

Let it always be sunshine,
Let it always be blue sky,
Let it always be Mummy,
Let it always be me!

Love you Mummy very much
So that is great big kiss
For the nicest person in the world,
Who is listening to this!

One, one, one – I love the sun.
Two, two, two – I love my Mummy too!
Three, three, three – My Mummy loves me!
Four, four, four – I love her more and more!

I like the way you look,
I like the way you cook.
Now what I really want to say
Is: “Happy Mother’s Day!”

My mother.

My mother is very nice.
She’s got beautiful eyes.
She’s got a smile to charm us.
She’s got a song to calm us.

My dear Mommy.

My dear, dear Mommy,
I love you so much.
I want you to be happy
On the 8th of March.