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Дайте пожалуйста сочинение на английском языке на тему спорт или футбол!!!срочно!!!

football is the best game. my life is football)))

Ellada, воспетой by the great poet Гомером, flied гонцы in white clothes. Best white коней gave to them in counter settlements, bore(took out) towards best food — meat white барашка. Гонцы bore(carried) to all Greeks the world and invitation to a holiday in эллинском city Олимпии.
The wise historian Эллады Тимей has entered new летоисчисление — Olympic. A Olympic holiday marked in « sacred month », beginning with the first full moon after years(summer) солнцестояния. And it(he) was obliged to repeat through everyone 1417 days. Such quantity(amount) of days made ««Olympiad» — Greek ««Olympic» year. In territory Эллады the sacred world » was announced «: any wars stopped, and the yesterday’s enemies competed for the right to refer to as as strongest, dexterous and fast among эллинов. The participants of Olympic games were known to us the historian Геродот, оратор Демосфен, philosopher Сократ. And mathematics Пифагор became the champion of Olympic games in кулачном to fight.
The time has passed. The public figure Пьер де Кубертен has addressed to eve new тысячелетия the outstanding French teacher and to the sportsmen of all world with the offer to revive Olympic games. And in 1894 in Paris the special international congress was going, where were accepted a Olympic charter and Olympic oath, and also the motto « Is faster, above, is stronger! » And emblem from five bound rings light-blue, black, red (top number(line)), yellow and green (bottom number(line)) colours. The interlacing of rings symbolizes five continents, incorporated in Olympic movement. On the revived Olympic games light fire brought from ground of Ancient Greece, and the flag was lifted in 1914 in connection with celebrating 20-летия of Olympic games XX of century.

3. In 1999 in our republic the first Small Olympic games were held. They passed from June 25 till June 27.
The beginning to Olympic movement in Mordovia was necessary. The competitions passed on 12 kinds of sports.
The winner became Ардатовский area.
The second Small Olympic games were held in 2000. The sportsmen competed in 22 kinds of sports. The competitions passed in Саранске and Рузаевке, and more than two thousand sportsmen have taken part in them.
The third Small Olympic games of Mordovia have passed in the summer of 2002. It was the present holiday of sports, where was over 50 thousand participants. On opening were present: the president of National committee Леонид Тягачев and member of the international Olympic committee Шамиль Тарпищев.

( The sports help association of the people, strengthens the world and friendship between the peoples.)

— So, the sports strengthen health, helps to become strong, dexterous; the sports are a good leisure,