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Что за песня? люди, знающие английский язык — напишите хотя бы кусочек текста…

[ссылка появится после проверки модератором]

заранее спасибо!

And time stands still beneath the air of waiting hours
To touch, just to feel a love that seems to overpower me
She’s all I’ll ever need
And you know her love just hypnotizes me
‘til all I see is beautiful

At night I dream that you were sent to me from heaven
Ma life, it seems so lonely here without your presence
You could change my everyday
And I could never think of love without your name
As you remain –

Beautiful – like the summer rain to wash away the winter stain
Like the morning sun inviting the dawn to break
Beautiful – like the joy that comes when the love you’ve longed for has just begun
Making everything brand new
Beautiful you

And all this time you’re changing me to something better
A love so high that everyday that we’re together
I will leave the world below
Until your heart becomes the only thing I know
All I know is

Это песня Trading Yesterday «Beautiful»

неа….не знаю(((