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Task 1. Complete the text with past perfect progressive: choose verbs in the brackets (drive, lie, repair, work).
John Latton, 39, an engineer at Felton Plastics in Upton, had a lucky escape after an accident on the A 34 in the early hours of the morning. Mr Latton fell asleep while driving and crashed into a pile of sand left by workers who (1) the road. When he left Felton Plastics at 3.00 this morning, Mr Latton (2) for 72 hours without any sleep. A passing motorist discovered the accident after the engineer (3) in his car with a broken leg for half an hour. Ambulance workers said that if Mr Latton (4) any faster his injuries might have been much worse.

Task 2. Read the story: “On Tuesday afternoon, everyone in my family was very busy – except me. during the afternoon Helen repaired her car; John practiced his karate; Kate did some gardening; Stephanie played tennis; Roger swam for half an hour: Pam went horse-riding; Philip painted the ceiling in his room light blue. I spent the afternoon sitting reading.” Answer the questions like in example: Who had black grease on her hands at teatime? Why? → Helen, because she had been repairing her car.
1). Who had dirt on her hands and knees? Why? 2). Who was wearing a short white skirt? Why? 3). Who was wearing a white jacket and trousers and a black belt? Why? 4). Who was wearing high boots and a hard hat? Why? 5). Whose hair had light blue streaks in it? Why? 6). Whose hair was all wet? Why?

Task 3. Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous?
1). The main ideas were set forth in the statement which … in the press the day before (A. had been appearing. B. had appeared. C. has appeared). 2). By the sixteenth century a new economic system … feudalism (A. had been replacing. B. was replacing. C. had replaced). 3). The Treaty of Paris was signed in September 1783. The colonies were now free but they … yet … a united nation (A. had not … formed. B. did not … form. C. had not … been forming). 4). The war broke out in 1914. The European ruling classes … for it for twenty years (A. prepared. B. had prepared. C. had been preparing). 5). The European experts … long … that the arms race would lead to war (A. had … warned. B. had … been warning. C. would … be warning). 6). It was pointed out that the patient … treatment for heart problems for a year (A. had been having. B. had have. C. would have been having). 7). It was reported that a plane from the air field … since the previous morning (A. had missed. B. had been missing. C. has been missing).

1. had been repairing
2. had been workink
3. had been driving
4. had been lying
Это первое задание. А вообще-то текст слишком большой, на страницу не помещается, надоело крутить туда-сюда….

когда ты увидил что под твоим вопросом 1 ответ или больше ты скорее нажал на свой вопросс, но ты обломался)))
Тебе перевод нужен?