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Английский язык , помогите переделать текст в passive voice

I want to build a water park in Kaliningrad, because there is no good water park. The project was created with the help of foreign experts from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and France. In construction participating builders from different countries, such as Norway , Finland , Russia .

Most recently, we built the first water slide. Currently under construction are two water slides. The plans to build another five slides and 3 pools for people who already know how to swim, 2 pools for those who want to learn to swim and 1 pool for children.

We also need to build changing rooms, showers, toilets, saunas. We also plan to open a coffee shop, what would people after swimming to rest after drinking the juice or coffee.

In the future we hope that this will become a popular water park that would relax with family and enjoy the time spent.

Хм…Здесь, что надо — и так уже в пассивном залоге….


A water park in Kaliningrad is wanted to build by me, because no good water park is been there. The project…(все то же самое, это предложение не меняется) Следующее предложение — безграмотно. Причастие I без глагола. «В строительстве принимают участие строители из разных стран» — это хотите сказать? Тогда «….are taking the part». А вот в пассивном залоге, наверное:»The participation in construction is been taking by builders from….(остальное не меняется)»

Most recently, the first water slide was build by us. ..

Может, дальше — сами, по этому образу и подобию? Времени больше нет, sorry)