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Английский язык, помогите)) help meee)

задание: work in pairs: decide which is the correct tense.Past Simple or Past continuous?
a) Five years ago I ‘ travelled’/ ‘was travelling’ on a plane
‘left’/ were leaving’ the cinema before the end of the film
c) When I came to the station Ann ‘talked’ / was talking to the porter.
d) Where did you ‘go’/ ‘were you going’ on your last summer holiday?
e) When I heard the alarm I ‘left/ was leaving’ the room immediateli….
f) ‘I walked/ was talking’ in the street when I suddenly ‘herd / was hearing’ someone call me.
g) We ‘went/ were going to the city. Bit on the way we ‘heard/ were hering’ about a bomb scare. So we ‘drove/ were driving’ back home.

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