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Английский язык! нужно написать 3 вопроса с модальными глаголами, по образцу) помогите пожайлусто)))))

I We You He She They
speak to Mr.Blake now ; write a letter to Gml ;
call the manager ; have lunch together with go to the office every day ; have talks in England ;
start work very earl ; tell the Director about the offers ;
see the plant ; invite the businessmen to our place ;
meet them at the airport ; study the quotation ;
look through the mail ; show the machines to our inspectors.

May I speak to mr.Blake now?
Can you write a letter to Gml?
Must they start work very early?

Эх …где мои 17 лет :)))) поучили бы английский вместе
Can you start work very early?

Must he call the manager?

May I tell the Director about the offers?

Ну и так далее
Can you writeva letter to GTm/
may you see the plant
вам уже верно ответили