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Мне надо написать топик на тему Dealing with difficult classmates. Пожалуйста помогите придумать типы этих самых «трудных одноклассников» на английском, эгоисты там всякие пофигисты и т.д. и т.п. Оригинальность приветствуется))))
П.С. Я не прошу топик только типы.

типы «трудных одноклассников»:
Talking out of turn
Making unnecessary (non-verbal) noise
Hindering other pupils
Leaving seat without permission
Not being punctual
Persistently infringing class rules
Eating/chewing in class
Calculated idleness/work avoidance
Cheeky/impertinent remarks or responses
General rowdiness/horseplay
Use of mobile phones/texting
Physical destructiveness
Racist abuse towards other pupils
Sexist abuse or harassment of other pupils
General verbal abuse towards other pupils
Physical aggression towards other pupils
Physical violence towards other pupils
Pupils withdrawing from interaction with others/you
Pupils missing lessons (truancy)

вот я те немного накатала
We’ve all been there: you’re sitting in class, and everyone is agreeing, working together, and generally in good spirits, and then that one classmate says something seemingly just to throw off the balance or harmony of everyone else in the class. Difficult classmates not only make going to class a chore, but they can make your assignments difficult as well. Students who put a strain on the class will likely take a toll on the instructor, as well, causing him or her to teach below their normal levels of enthusiasm. Deal with that difficult classmate diplomatically to ensure that the money you’re spending on tuition is worthwhile.