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Английский. помогите пожалуйста с контрольной…

1. выпишите глаголы в страдательном залоге и определите время
2. выпишите неличные формы глагола и определите их форму и функцию в предложении
Securities are a juridical document entitling an owner to a share of the property of the organization having issued these securities and consequently to a part of the incomes. In other words securities are an article. It brings money from sale to the organization-seller that has issued these securities,. To the buyer it entitles to claim a property and income share of the organization. Just as there exist trading houses, shops, purchase and sale markets, there exist special structures to sale securities (stock exchanges etc.). There exist several kinds of securities. Here are the main ones among them.
The share is a security issued by a company. It certifies that its owner paid in a certain sum of money and consequently has the right to dividends.
Bonds are securities issued by enterprises. It assures that its owner paid in a certain sum of money and confirms that it is to be made up by the stipulated time with a fixed interest paid. If under the bond a regular profit payment is intended, it is made as a rule in the form of coupons. A coupon is a tear-off check with a figure of coupon rate printed on it. The fact of the profit payment is marked by cutting out the coupon.
The bill of exchange is a debenture undertaker by a bill debtor that he is sure to pay the debt and an interest on it to the owner of the bill by the fixed time.
The saving certificate is a certificate saying that a definite sum of money is deposited with a bank and its owner has the right to the get his deposit and interest on it on the expiry of a fixed period.
Treasury obligation is a kind of securities which is distributed by a government among the population on a contract basis. It assures that its holder put valuable means into the state budget and entitles to a fixed profit during the whole period of possessing it.

страдательный залог (passive)
has issued
is to be made up
is intended
is made
is marked
is deposited
is distributed