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Английский. 4 предложения. вставить в пропуск одно слово( предлог,вспомогательн. глагол и т.д) помогите пожалуйста!

1) The designers___________an advert in a newspaper, inviting former car thieves to come and put some anti-theft devices to the test.
2) These retired thieves came _____________with enough good ideas to______the Toad 10 virtually foolproof.
3) Not _____does a security camera record the thief’s face.
4)Thieves who are_________to traditional car security system will have no idea how to deal with this one.

2. up, make
3. enough
4. used
1. хз, может made

1. placed (an adverTf)
2. through, render
3. often
4. used / accustomed (to the traditional…)

Ну, только вспомогательными глаголами здесь явно не обойтись- в первом предложении нет смыслового глагола!